• Order Flow and Technical Analysis by Kai Whitney

  • Posted on June 19, 2018
  • When it comes to the order flow and technical analysis, Kai Whitney is the name to call to. Unlike everybody else who relies on fundamental analysis, Kai primarily relies on the order flow. He is a self-acclaimed know it all man. In his line of work, he has made crucial decisions and most of his decisions contradict the CEO. The contradicting decisions resulted in a bad call that forced him to tender his resignation to UBS. Ironically, it was not a bad decision after all. Five months after Kai's resignation, the company failed, which only proves to show that Kai's decision was right all along.

    Using the lessons and experiences he gained from working with highly reputable institutions like UBS, Swiss Bank, Bear Stearns, and Sungard Capital Markets, Kai Whitney finally decided to create his very own order flow and technical analysis; OSFT - Order Flow Sequence Tracker, NOFT, Ghost Blocks, and reversal algorithm. It is an algo system that is extremely helpful to all types of traders. Through OSFT, traders can follow large institutional order flows that can significantly affect the market.

    To further help people who want to know more about order flow and technical analysis, Kai created Redbridge Capital Consulting. It is a boutique and order flow trading advisory and mentoring program. If you are new in the trading business, you will surely have a hard time understanding how the business works. Kai and his team will teach you the easy way. By using his Algo system, you will find out where and what price large institutions are buying and selling their positions. Once you master this, then your success is guaranteed.

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