• Kai Whitney - Learn how to trade the smart way

  • Posted on June 18, 2018
  • Kai Whitney is one of the smartest traders in the world. A man who defies the odds and comes up with his very own professional grade institutional order-flow algorithm for the retail market; the OFST - Order Flow Sequence Tracker, NOFT, Ghost Blocks, and a reversal algorithm. His invention was a product of his years of experience in the trading and investment fields. His Wall Street career began in 1994 when he worked for a boutique venture capital firm, Phase II Capital. He also worked with investment banking giants like Swiss Bank, Bear Stearns, UBS, and Sungard Capital Markets,  to name a few. His nature of work includes offering trade services and advice to people on how to hedge funds, manage their pensions, and large corporate accounts.

    Being a wholesale trader, Kai Whitney based his decisions on imbalances between the value levels in the markets. To make it simple, Kai buys when the price is fairly low and sells when the price goes up. He primarily relies on order flow to confirm what he is seeing in real-time. If he sees no confirmation, then he bravely closes out his position. He incorporated all these tools in his own algo system. The system can easily identify and record what and where price institution is active and enables traders to trade along the large market movers. It was an extremely good system that he was able to sell it to a software company in 2016.

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